Stillwater Artesanal Whipped Nitro Mango IPA

Whipped Nitro Mango IPA

Stillwater Artesanal Whipped Nitro Mango IPA

Style: Double IPA / Imperial IPA

ABV: 8%

Nitro DIPA brewed with mango, vanilla and lactose.

Whipped Nitro Mango IPA | 24x16oz Cans | Stillwater Artesanal. You can now buy Stillwater Artesanal online for your retail location in Arizona. It is quick, easy and convenient!

Stillwater Artesianal Whipped Nitro Mango IPA pours a bright golden apricot color with medium to heavy amounts of active visible carbonation, rising quickly along the edges of the glass. Gorgeous golden yellow with burnt orange colored highlights. The beer has a two finger dense creamy foamy white head. Light to moderate levels of lacing are observed.

Aromas of  tropical mango, citrus orange, citrus lemon zest, and peach hops, over light to moderate aromas of biscuit malts and oats. Contains a moderate quantity of lactose and vanilla sweetness. A very well balanced IPA.

This beer has flavors of biscuit malts, and oats with lactose and notes of vanilla sweetness. Followed by slightly stronger than moderate flavors of tropical mango, citrus orange, lemon zest, and peach hops. The hops has a hint of bitterness that fades away almost immediately, leaving a lingering juicy tropical citrus hop flavor. Light to medium bodied with moderate levels of carbonation.

Overall, easy to drink with that smooth nitro feel. Blended hops, mango, vanilla, and notes of sweetness makes this a crushable beer. Very enjoyable! Order yours online now!

Stillwater Artesianal Whipped Nitro Mango IPA